Saturday Sept. 24th

11:00: Creation of Care OpeningCeremony  Kyle Bartek- Classical Guitar/Singing Bowls

11:30: Ras Ben

12:00: Jay Parker

12:30: Professor Karim Darwish

  1:00: Saint Pete

  1:45: Larken Rose

  2:15: Mark Passio

  3:10: Jesse Calhoun

  4:00: Jordan Page

  5:00: Anne-Margaret Redding

  5:15: Poetic Endurance

  6:10: Cultureal

  7:00: Anne-Margaret Redding

  7:30: Kuf Knotz

  8:45: Adam Ahuja

  9:20: Gathered Minds Improv Jam

            hosted by Adam Ahuja

10:00: The Founders

11:10: Tommy Too Smoov- Comedy

11:30: Entropy

12:30-2:00: Free Mind Dance Party

Hosted by DJ Ha 


Sunday Sept. 25th

11:00: Creation of Care Opening Ceremony                Ali- Didgeridoo/Singing Bowls

11:30: Jacqueline Georgi

11:45: Tim Smith

12:05: Walt Rhoads

12:35: Bro. Levi

  1:05: SunnStarrr13

  1:35: TBD

  2:10: Mark Passio

  3:10: Meghan Cary

  4:00: Marlon McCallister

  4:15: Robyn Mello

  4:40: The Radicans

  5:30: Ras Ben

  6:00: Ben Arnold

  7:00: Jordan Page

  8:00: PTP

  8:45: Steve Grant

  9:30: Evan Cohn

  9:40: Out Of The Beardspace

11:20: Shyst- Mrs. Betty’s Son

11:45: The Flowdown

1:00-2:00: Terminal Chank w/Zack LoPresti




Chamounix Mansion Is a beautiful hostel located within 5 minute driving distance from One Art. If you need somewhere to stay overnight it's only $25 per night.





The Music and Arts have reunited with its long lost third member, Words, to form the trinity- a music, arts, and words festival. Through this unification comes Philadelphia Free Mind Fest. 


The Philadelphia Free Mind Fest is a unique gathering of Free Minds using an eclectic mix of Artistic Expression to expand Consciousness. Experience a wide range of music, arts, words, and craft/food vendors with a focus on the topics of: Consciousness, Individual Rights, Natural Law, Unifying Divisions, Mysticism, Inpowerment, Networking, Health and Food, DIY, the Ancient Mysteries, Mentalism, and the Occult. This will be a festival like no other. Come to experience the Truth, not to escape it.


Musicians and speakers will perform outdoors next to a live art show featuring a panel of the best local painters. Musicians will not only play, but also give insights into the messages within their songs. The speakers will offer esoteric wisdom on the inner knowing that exists right below the surface. A gallery will display the featured artists’ work for sale. A select lineup of local vendors will be centered around the healing craft and handmade products.


With so much absence of care in the world, the whole of the fest will be an intentional ceremony called the “Creation of Care.” All are invited to participate in the manifestation of Care through a multitude of good deeds and intentions. Incense, essential oils, burning flames, gift sharing, and ancestral offerings will be an intricate feature at Free Mind Fest. 


Attendees will leave with a sense of inpowerment to do better through the wisdom and connections made at the fest. Paying it forward will result in receiving it paid back. The betterment of our surroundings will be a result.


The Free Mind’s Soul is Divine. Grounded in Truth, the only thing left is to Do!



 It is our sincere apologies that camping has been cancelled for this event.